About us


If you are journalist, publisher, graphic designer or blogger focusing on the military and law enforcement topics – let us suggest you to take a look at the Getmilitaryphotos.

What is Getmilitaryphotos?

Getmilitaryphotos is a collection of military, law enforcement and post-apocalyptic photos by Oleg Zabielin.

Who is Oleg Zabielin?

Oleg Zabielin is a photographer living in Ukraine, with 10 years experience in the field of photography.

What images do you offer?

Site contains several thousand of photos and artworks taken from 2008 to the present, including S.W.A.T. series, USMC and US Army rangers series, Bundeswehr and Bundesheer series, Post-apocalypse series etc. The catalog of images is updated constantly. Feel free to look around the site by using the search box or through the Image Categories.

Check out the FAQ section for more information or use the contact form to ask any additional questions. Our goal is making easy access to legal images at beneficial prices.

PS. I sincerely hope that the picture quality will exceed your expectations. Anything is as important for me as to know that  content was worthwhile for you. I am eager to share my work with people who really need them. I see it as the goal of running Getmilitaryphotos.

Oleg Zabielin